Diary of a traveler





Welcome to my blog.

My name is Rethia Syahril. I’m a housewife and an anesthesiologist who currently just being stayed at home wife.
I like traveling, photography and trying out recipes.

In here you can find stories about my travels around the world. I only see a little part of the world and I still like to see more of it. You can also find out about things that I’ve done or thought or made in My Stories.

And at the moment I’m still learning to cook. In My Recipes, I post all foods that I’ve tried to make before. The recipe’s source could be from anywhere. I modified some of the recipes to adjust the taste with my tongue.

Feel free to look around. Don’t hesitate to leave comments, but please don’t use bad words.

All written contents and photos, unless otherwise stated, are the original work of Rethia Syahril. Please asked for my permission if you want to use it.