42/365: Making My Own Yogurt

42/365: Making My Own Yogurt

I love yogurt so much. And it’s been a while since I’m thinking about making my own yogurt. I’ve seen some people posted how to make homemade yogurt and I curious to make my own ;p

The reason why I try to make my own yogurt is because I want to reduce my yogurt’s waste such as the plastic container. Although some container can be reused. At the moment maybe I produce the same waste product, but once I found the one the fit me, I would like to make yogurt using milk that comes directly from the cow farm. So I can use my own bottles to buy it.

So today I decided to make my own yogurt and I’ll write down all my trial on this blog. And post the one I satisfied on My Recipes tab.

First I check out the posting on Facebook about making homemade yogurt. This will be the recipe I used for my first trial. Wish me luck!


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