Today is our twelfth wedding anniversary. As our ritual almost every years, we went to dinners in our favourite or new restaurant. And so tonight, Wira reserved a table at Skye. A dinner for two. This restaurant famous for the view. Located at 56th floor at Menara BCA makes this restaurant has view to the city of Jakarta. We reserved close to blue hour, eventhough it wasn’t blue enough because it was cloudy all day. The food was nice. I really enjoyed the salad and grilled chicken. And I also enjoyed the view from where we seated.

It’s been twelfth years but it seems like yesterday when we meet up after few short messages and phone call. How you asked me to take you to the place that sell photography equipment because we had the same hobby.

We’ve been through ups and downs and wish many years to come with plenty of happiness in our marriage. I love you today and I’ll love you more tomorrow… <3<3<3


The first picture of us this year 🙂

“The secret of happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”
​ ~ Julia Child ~


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