1/365: Day 1 in 2017

1/365: Day 1 in 2017

Day one in 2017… 

Ever since my blog seems to be neglected since my project on 2014, I decided to start another project. So I will do another 365 project of this year. It can be a picture or a story, depend on the mood. I have plenty of story need to be written.

So here is my very first posting of this year…. I went bicycling this morning to Marunda with Wira, Kaysan, Uni Shanty and Mas Adi. Close to 40 km ride. I almost get fainted ever since I have nothing for breakfast and only minimal physical activities such as sport this last 6 months. 

The trip is quite fun, but hot day really exhaust me. Too bad the road by the canal that supposed to be for a bicycle invaded by motorcycles and cars 🙁 Kaysan got his first Lifelist from this year. 

So my resolution for this year will be doing some more physical activities so I can get fit again….

About this photo… On the way to Marunda, we spot some places that instagrammable. Actually, it’s a park on the other side of the road. Because this segment of canal has up and down land contour, the park’s management makes some bridges that quite nice but also bad maintenance. We decided to take our first stop in here and take some pictures before we leave. So…what do you think?


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