Today my family except my mom attending Emi & Robi’s wedding ceremonial at her village. Emi is Amira’s baby sitter. We’re going out since around 4 in the morning. It took three and half hour to reach Emi’s village. Something unique in this event is when they serve us young coconut water. We surely really enjoy it. Fresh young coconut just taken from the tree, minutes before it serve and it’s an honour to have the bride and groom serve it to us 🙂

We wish both of you a barokah wedding and sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah family.

This is my last post in this year. I finally completed my project. Even though it’s hard to do it everyday, I’m trying to make it. At least I prepared a picture everyday. It’s time to do another project in year 2015. Have a happy new year 2015…

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