Inspired by Sandra Juto on her blog, I’m starting to make my own granny square afghan project. Actually I start it around November 2013 but since I’m helping my sister to take care her daughter, Amira, I just couldn’t find the time to continue it. On the 21st day of my 365 of 204 projects, I decided to make it as another project for 2014. Hopefully it will finish before this year turn into 2015 🙂 

After Amira turn 4 months, she starts using a baby sitter and I have more spare time to work on this project. Around mid July, I was able to finish 400 circles that will be joined into granny square afghan. I finally able to finish this project yesterday, just before the date turns into November 5th.

So here are my Granny Square Afghan Project. I’m using cotton yarn with 3 mm crochet hook. Combination of 11 colour for the circle and 1 colour to join all of them. Each square has a different colour combination. Weigh 1.35 kg and 145 cm x 135 cm in size, this afghan contain 400 granny squares.

Sandra Juto sell her blanket for €599 while mine is not for sale at the moment 🙂

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