Today we have two gathering. One is with Wira’s family in Cimande and the other one is with my mom’s family. Since it’s impossible to come to two event so we go to Cimande and other reason is no one in Belma can drive the car beside Wira. 
Today’s traffic really friendly. We leave JB around 6.15 am and reach Belma around 6.45 am. It took a while since we have to turn around a little bit since some part of the road used for Eid ul-Adha prayer. We leave around 7 am and reach Cimande by 8 am. This is the best record since a long time ago. Because usually it takes 2 hours or more to reach Cimande from Belma. Even on heavy traffic it could reach 4-6 hours. It’s about the same on the way back home. The road is pretty empty. I think everybody stay at home and enjoy the meat they got and make satay or tongseng or anything else. To bad I am not felling well this pass two days. The fever is back since yesterday afternoon.

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