Today we go to Pasar Jatinegara to buy a bicycle for Millie. It’s a birthday gift from her grandparents. She already mentioned to Wira before about what kind of bicycle she would like to buy. She would like a bike like mine, a city bike. So we go there after we find out there’s a few bike shop that open. Her choice is the orange bike with grey accent that has front basket. This is the only bike left in each store we go. At the first store there is only one left but it has a defect on the paint. Fortunately the only bike at the second store is in better condition. The paint is still good, only a bit dusty. So she decided to take that.

She is really enjoy riding her bike. In the afternoon, she plays with neighbour and pretend as if she went shopping with her bike. I find plenty of flowers and leaves in the basket 🙂 

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