I also read about how to organized your sewing stuff in Household Management 101 on Facebook. I would like to share a little bit about how I organized my sewing kits.

In my house, most of us know how to used a sewing machine and able to used it for simple stuffs. We also know how hand sewing button and others. But I might be the one using more of this sewing kits. So I like my things to be organised. I used plastic portable shelves with three-drawers. 

In top drawer, I put my scissors, measuring tape, chalk, fabric pencils, and pliers. Meanwhile in the middle drawer I put all threads, needles and seam ripper. And in the last drawer I put elastic band, ribbons, bias tape, button, velcro and lace.

I choose the portable shelves so I can move it where ever I like 🙂 

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