Yesterday I read about how to solve a pile of shoes problem in Household Management 101 on Facebook. It makes me want to share how to solve the same problem in my home. There are 10 people who lived in my home. One is baby so she has no shoes at the moment and one is babysitter (she only have 1 pair of shoes). So there are 8 of us that always put shoes near the front door. Sometimes it cause a pile of shoes by the door.

To solve the problem we make a shoe racks under the stairs. But we are to lazy to put it there. So we decided to put one shoe rack by the front door. So when we arrive we can put the shoes in it. Of course all of us have more than I pair. I even have more than six pairs. First of all we decided which shoes will be used frequently and which one is used less. The shoes used frequently will have space at the shoe rack by the door and the rest will be put in the shoe rack under the stairs. Besides shoes, we also spare some space to put shoes equipments such cleaning rags, shoe polish and other stuffs.

We design unused space on the top of the shoe rack to put our bicycle helmets.

Hope it can help to give an idea to solve the problem.

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