My Bike Gears

My Bike Gears

If you riding your bike, you better think about your safety first before you jumping to your bike.

This are things I use to gear up when riding my bike:
1. Helmet
Use your helmet when you are riding your bike. It doesn’t matter what people say but your head safety are number one.

My helmet is a birthday gift from my college bestfriends back in 1999. They had to go to plenty of store before find this one. Nowadays there are a lot of store sale helmet.

It’s been a while since I used my helmet. Sometimes my sister used it. But now I ride my bike regularly especially on Sunday and I used my helmet everytime I ride it.

2. Sunglasses/glasses
It’s important to use sunglasses/glasses to keep my eyes from dust/small particles and the sun during the day.

3. Gloves
I used gloves to keep my hands from blister from holding the handle to long. If I only ride for close distance, I don’t use my gloves.

4. Rear View Mirror
My husband bought this mirror at Ace Hardware after seeing it at the catalog. I love my mirror because I used to rear view mirror when driving a car. So it works pretty well for me.

It can be fold to store and can be wash just by took the mirror off. It used in your arm.

5. Face Mask
If you are riding bicycle in city like Jakarta then you need a face mask. Because the smoke from cars, motorcycles & buses really bad. I used this face mask during the weekdays since motorized vehicles more during this days. I used the one with filter and bought it at Ace Hardware.


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