We planned this trip a long time ago. We planned to go to Zürich since end of November 2010. We cancelled the trip because we lose our passport Finally we had chance to go there before last easter. We bought the all day ticket 3 weeks before the day. It cost us CHF 38/person and can be used for any transportation all over Switzerland.

We leave the apartment around 7:20 a.m. to catch 7:45 a.m. train to Zürich. The trip took 3 hours. Over there we will met Dominica (an exchange student from Switzerland that live in Karawang at 2004-2005). We arrived at Zürich central station almost 11 a.m. After went to toilet, we met Icha. 

From the train station we walked to Bahnhofstraße. We came at the perfect time to saw a clock attraction on Kurz, one of jewelry store . After that we continued to walked to old town. As I said before it always nice to walk around in old town. In here first we went to see St. Peter’s Church. This church well known for it’s clock. The clock in this church has the largest face clock in Europe. The diameter of this clock is 28.5 feet. From this church we walk in the alley. There’s some nice stores to see. The next destination was Fraumünster church. This church visited by thousands people daily to see the stained-glass window created by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti. The color  in this stained-glass has a different touch than the usual stained-glass art I used to see. You can found largest organ in the canton with 5793 pipes.

After seeing a good art, we walked to Bürkliplatz where the Lake Zürich tour boots are moored. Before reached Bürkliplatz we will see a Frauenbad (like a swimming pool but only for women). From Bürkliplatz we can also see the water fountain. Then we crossed the Limmat River to see the Opera House. After that we walked again at the old town. I took plenty of pictures in the old town. We also had hot chocolate at one of the cafe at the old town. The cafe called Conditorei Schober and the hot chocolate taste so good. 

From the old town we took tram to other side of the city. We walked to an area where’s the government build a market under the bridge called Im Viadukt. Beside the market, there’s also nice stores under the bridge. From there’s we passed by Freitag store. A nice store build out of containers. It remind me one of presentation for “Rumah Bersama” that make from containers. From the store we going back with train to central station. 

To bad the weather wasn’t so good when we visited Zürich, because it was cloudy and raining and also cold. Since it was raining when we reach the central station, we decided to had lunch here and then go to Luzern. It took almost an hour to reach Luzern from Zürich by train. Unfortunately it was also raining in Luzern. So we went to Bern instead. But it was also raining there. And then we went Basel. It wasn’t raining there but the night almost came and we have to catch the train in half an hour. We get back in Geneva around midnight. With CHF 38 we really traveling half of Switzerland.

Notes: Pictures of me taken by Wira.

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