Geneva 82nd International Motor Show & Accessories

Geneva 82nd International Motor Show & Accessories

Today, Wira and me went to Geneva 82nd International Motor Show & Accessories. The event was held in Palexpo Geneva from March 8th until March 18th. Entree ticket 16 CHF for all day pass, but Wira was able to got 2 free passes. Yeayy… It took almost 5 hours to go around the show. So many beautiful cars and some are our dream cars 🙂 Actually, I didn’t really understand about cars, but this is one of the event that Wira really looking forward to see. According to Wira, this is one out of 3 auto show that’s worth to see. 
t’s quite amazed me to see the show area are clean even though you can find some concession stand inside. They prepared plenty of trash bins. Beside the clean area, the cars and the iPad that used to show the car’s specification also clean. They had people to clean everything.

One of the interesting things is the sales promotion girl’s clothes. They all used a nice clothes, even Maserati’s SPG used a black gown. And the SPG/SPB can speak at least 3 languages. Wow…

It didn’t feel like 4,5 hours when we realized it’s almost 8 o’clock and we still have to walk home. My feet  hurt from walking for 5 hours but it was fun…

All pictures taken by Wira and me because we shared camera.

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