National Token Collection

National Token Collection

I think it’s running in the blood. My family love to collect things. I start my collection with a stamps collection. My mom teaches us about collecting stamps. I don’t collect much of stamps anymore but I still like it when I got something that I don’t have yet.

I have a new collecting item. It’s called National Token. The web says “heritage on a coin”. This unique coins have a design of castle, people or anything else that connect to the place. I started to collect this last year when I went to Checkpoint Charlie. I saw a coin machine that has a picture of Checkpoint Charlie in one side. This coin is different from the pressed coin that used a copper coin to be pressed into souvenir coins. It cost € 2. Since then I start to collect National Token when it possible. I usually buy a 1 coin for each place I visited. Every time I saw the machine, my guts telling me to buy it. Sometimes it tell to buy all collections, which is not healthy for my wallet 🙂 

Today I find out even this coins have its website and you can join in collecting club. If you serious collector, you can join this club. You can also check out the coin that can be found around the world. Nice… I love it more now 🙂

Well…I have other things to buy besides buying pins from places.

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