First time I decided to collect pin was back in August 1993. I bought my first pin in San Francisco during the trip on Open Door orientation. After that, I always bought at least 1 pin to add to my collection for each place I go. Besides places I also collect pins from some occasions. In 10 months my exchange program, I have plenty of them. My collection adds up every time somebody when abroad. Yes…I always ask for pins as souvenirs until now. It’s been a while since I counted the pins. Maybe more than 150 pins. 

During my exchange program, I put my pins on a cap. When I back to Indonesia, I put it on small ‘tampah’ (it’s a rounded woven bamboo container) and hang it on the wall. After a few years the tampah is worn out and I just put it in a bag. Never had a change to find something to put it again.

For maintenance, I used to clean my pins once in a while. And I put a transparent nail polish in the back of the pin to prevent it from rusting. 

And a few years back, I start to collect pins from Hard Rock Cafe. I only collect from the place I visited. So far I had San Francisco, Ho Chi Min City, Hamburg, Berlin, Bangkok, and Prague. And I just found out that we can exchange HRC pins collection if you bring your collection to the store. One thing I have to buy is an HRC Jakarta pin. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy the one from HRC Bali.

Besides pins, I also collect pin-back buttons. I’ve got plenty of them too.

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