Seven of Us

Seven of Us

After being friend for 17th years, we finally be able to gathered…seven of us.

First time I meet them when I got back from my exchange program in 1994. I had the same homeroom with Intan, Dian, Retno, Putri dan Dini. Meanwhile Deedee had the same major class with Intan, Dian, Retno and Putri. We usually spend our break time together. We even went to the mall or just hanging around together. We also studied together for final exam in high school.

After we all went for college, we still keep in touched. But there’s never 7 of us. The time we spent together is less than when in high school because Putri & Dian went to Bandung to continue their study. Meanwhile Retno went to England. So there wasn’t much time to see each other. But after few years, we still keep in touch with each other. We try to see each other when it possible. 

One day in September 2011, when I got back after living abroad for a year and Retno had a vacation due to family matters from Dubai, we got together. We went to Hongkong Cafe Jakarta. Spend few hours talking and laughing. Remembering the old time, telling about our life and dreaming about the future. I as usual taking my camera with me. This is one moment will be remembered for a long time. When 7 of us gathered once again. 

I don’t know when we will be able to see each other in complete formation, but I know for sure that our friendship will last forever. Hope to see you all soon…

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