Frozen Day at Versoix

Frozen Day at Versoix

Geneva still frozen on the second week after snowy day. The temperature still reach 10 below 0. Because we still curious about more frozen around Lac Leman, we decided to go to Versoix. In Versoix you can see cars that froze near the lake. This cars had made news all over the world. So we had to see it ourself.

We took bus number 5 until Nations and continue with bus V until Versoix. When we reach Versoix, there’s a lot of people. It became a touristic site in this few weeks. I took plenty of pictures and about an hour later we decided to went to go Carouge to take pictures in less icy place. Yeah…our feet started to numb after standing on ice for an hour.

Note: Pictures of me taken by Wira. Pictures of us taken with Joby.

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