Frozen at 10 Below 0

Frozen at 10 Below 0

It was Sunday (05.02.12) and the temperature around 10 below 0 when Wira and I decided to go walking outdoor. If you think it’s crazy, I will absolutely agree with you. But there’s something interesting about walking this kind of weather.

After the snow in the end of January, the temperature drop until it reach 20 below 0 and the wind makes it even worse. If I looked through my window, I could see the trees blown by the wind and the sound that of it through the gap in my apartment window. And our housemate shows us pictures around Lac Leman. It was frozen in most part of the lake. And that reason make us want to see it ourself. 

We went out around 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We had hot chocolate ready in tumbler to keep us warm. With plenty of clothes underneath the jacket and double socks under the shoes, we ready to walk. We took a bus until reach Coutance and walked to the lake. 

After a while walking we didn’t see what we see in the pictures but you can see frozen water that passed through the sewer pipe or frozen water in chains and trees. But we still not satisfied and decided to take a boat to cross the lake which we think it was the wrong choice of transportation mode at that time. The hard wind makes the wave in the lake quite high and the boat feels like jumping up and down. 

After we reach the other part of the lake, we start seeing frozen water on the rock, trees and even the road. This frozen has layers. It seems like when the water hit the rocks, it starts frezzing and it happened so many times until formed layers.

After starting to feel cold, we decided to jump into the bus. Enjoying the heater on the bus and our hot chocolate, we decided to go to Hermance. On the way we saw some places we want to take pictures when we get back.

After enough took pictures and start to feel numb and freeze in our foot, we decided to go home and enjoying our heater at home.

Note: pictures of me taken by Wira.

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