A small town just across the border from Grand Saconnex. We can even walking to this town from where I live now. We go there to buy our grocery because it’s a lot cheaper there than in Geneva. Because our limited budget, we have to shop smart.

I think this small town is quite lovely. Suburban typical town. The old house look pretty. Even the chateau and the cemetery look old and nice.

Every Saturday, there is a farmer’s market held out in this town. You can find almost anything in this market. If you looking for a fresh vegetables or fruits, you can find it in here. Sometimes we buy our vegetables, fruit and bread in here if we’re not to lazy to get up in the morning. The farmer’s market open from 5 a.m till 1.30 p.m.

Pictures of Ferney-Voltaire taken with Hipstamatic can be seen inĀ here.

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