New Year’s Eve in Geneva

New Year’s Eve in Geneva


Last day in 2011 and in few hours will be the beginning of 2012. We try to found out what Geneva will have for the count down. Some rumors said that Geneva not have fireworks this year. And in their website, they only said about light and trees festival and bands playing in Old Town. Yeah…the celebration was held in Old Town Geneva.

So…we decided to go there around 9 o’clock. We buy daily bus ticket that can be used until 3 a.m. We’re leaving home with a thermos of hot chocolate and camera. Taking bus and then continued with tram and ended with walking to the Old Town. The night is quite cold but there’s no snow.

Along the way, there’s so many people on the street. It seems like everybody going out tonight. In Old Town, there were three stages. Two stages had live performance and the other stage only had DJ. There’s also food stall in some places. Some people wore costumes. There’s also a man sold colorful lights. We walked around the Old Town to see and taking pictures. When our feet seems tired, we stop at one of the performance until count down.

Suddenly we heard sounds of fireworks. We walk as fast as we can to the lake and there’s a fireworks. Well…Geneva had fireworks after all. I tried to capture the moment and enjoy the fireworks.

We got back home around 2 o’clock. We felt tired but happy. Hopefully this year bring more happiness for us and the world… 

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