This is one of nice place to go to especially during spring and summer. In here we can see 2 rivers join into one big river. River Le Rhône came from Lac Léman/Lake Geneva with clear water and we can see through the bottom. On the riverbank we can see some docks and we can swim in this river. This river will join with river Arve that came from France. What always amazed me this 2 river had different water clarity. Unlike river Rhône, water in river Arve not so clear. The color a little bit green and white. And when this 2 river join we can see the different of it.

Wira and I came to Jonction on Christmas day. We spend the day outside because the day so nice except cold temperature. The sunshine so bright and the sky so blue. We had picnic that day. We brought hot chocolate, food and fruit. Sitting down on the dock and watching water and people while enjoying our food & drink felt so good. I can imagined being in here on summer day. 

Note: pictures of me taken by Wira.

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