[Project] Hipstamatic’s Lens & Film Test

[Project] Hipstamatic’s Lens & Film Test

It has been more than a year since I introduced to this iPhone app by Nuy. Since then, I used it a lot. Even this is the only camera I used after I loss my DSLR camera last December. I think I’m addicted to it 🙂

This application offered many lens, film and flash under different package. They usually sell each package US$ 0.99. At this moment I already have 16 films, 12 lens, 7 flashes and 7 covers. We can set all kind of combination as we wish.

Last Friday, I do my project which is trying all lens and films in all combination. So…I will have 192 pictures. This way I can find out how each combination looks and I can choose which one is my favorite.

This pictures taken at the small lake near place I live now. Be sure to click on the title to see all the pictures.

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