This is the last month for us to stay in Berlin. We are not sure when we will be able going back to this lovely city. 

This month I was doing two projects. The first one is collecting Buddy Bär’s pictures as many as I can. The second project is collecting pictures of flowers. That means I had to go out as much as I can. After searching some information about Buddy Bär and try to remember where I had seen those bears, we are walking around the city. And for the second project, I just start taking pictures when I see flowers, everywhere.

Alhamdulillah we got some money to buy a new camera. So…start taking with both DSLR & hipstamatic.

In this month we got a visit from Wira’s friends. She used to be a housemate in Padang. So, we go around the city again 🙂 

This month we also had a chance to go to Große Stern, Russian Memorial, Charlottenburger Tor. It seems we still had so many places to go in Berlin. Need some more time 🙁 Hope we can back to Berlin soon… Amien…

This month we also went to Hamburg twice… Still working on the pictures…

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