Körperwelten – Eine Herzenssache

Körperwelten – Eine Herzenssache

There’s always a way to learn something. It’s include anatomy. Especially when you are studying to became a doctor.

Last week I had a chance to see “Gunther von hagens’ Körperwelten das Original: Eine Herzenssache”. It’s a body worlds exhibiton by Plastinator Dr. Gunther von Hagens and curator Dr. Angelina Whalley at the Postbahnhof. The tickets price are 17 € for adults, 13 € for children (7-18 years old) and 15 € for Students (<30 years old) & Concessions. I went there with my husband and his colleagues.

Featuring unique collection of over 200 authentic human specimens including whole-body plastinates, organs and translucent body slices, this exhibition highlights cardiology and the heart.

The exhibition was great. The whole-body plastinates show us real good muscles, nerves, blood vessels and also bones. You will see clearly which one deltoids, biceps, triceps and others muscles. I wish I could learn the anatomy from this kind of cadaver, so I don’t have to guess which one which :). The organs and translucent body slices were great too. It will be nice to learn pathophysiology with this specimens. They put the whole-body plastinates in some position such as playing basketball, dancing, painting and lots of other. With this we can see which muscles are working when we are in that kind of position. There are whole-body plastinates for a man riding a horse and a bike. They even plastinates the horse. They also have others animals such as giraffe that climb coconut tree, chicken, bird and others.

The whole show was great. I think it will good to have this kind of stuff to learn in medical school. There’s one show like this held in Jakarta. But I didn’t have a chance to see it. We even buy the catalogue that contain lots of their collection’s pictures because we can’t took picture. Look like my Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy :). It cost 19 € but worth it.

Through the plastinate we recognize ourselves, our vulnerability and the miracle that we are. This physical self-recognition sparks a new health-concious lifestyle which moves our hearts.” – Dr. Gunther von Hagens

You can see in here for more information about this show.

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