This is a continuing story from Planten un Blomen garden story. After walking in Planten & Blomen, Tante Dani, Wira & me continue walking to the city. Because it was Sunday so the stores were close. Before start walking, I check on my Tourias Hamburg Travel Guide app for iPhone to find places I need to visit other than the one I had visit. I was planning to see water fountain in River Alster and then look at Chilehaus that quite interesting me. Designed by the architect F. Höger and built in 1922-1924. The architecture is slender and unconventional.

Today, Om Am accompanied us to walk around the city. This time we went to see Elbtunnel (Old Elbe Tunnel) in St. Pauli Landungsbrücken. This tunnel can be used by pedestrian or motorized vehicle such as cars. It consist of 2 tunnels but when we were there the other tunnel is under renovation. This tunnel used to cross the river to Steinwerder since 1911. The tunnel is 24 m underwater. 

Because it’s raining, we decided to continue the journey with ferries until reach across the Airbus factory and then continue with bus. 

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