[Hipstamatic] Berlin in April 2011

[Hipstamatic] Berlin in April 2011

Yippie yeay… Wira is coming back from Bergen this month. 

The month start with went to Dresden. In the middle of the month we also visit Bonn again and Königswinter

In Berlin we went to Sonntags Karaoke im Mauerpark and Britzer Garten. Wira’s cousin and friends came from Manchester and visit us at the end of the month. So we went around the city again and also went to Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen

Upss…almost forget about us visit Unterwelten Berlin. It’s a trip to visit some bunkers in Berlin. There’s a community that preserved some bunker to be a museum. It’s an interesting thing to see. How they create big bunkers during war and also create a Rohrpost (tube post). Some places used this kind of technology such as in hospital to send blood sample to laboratorium. They used Rohrpost to send confidential mail. But in this place we can not take a pictures.

A lot of traveling this month… And also a party. We had grilled party with Wira’s friends in Marco’s apartment. He got a nice and big apartment. The foods also great.

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