[Hipstamatic] Königswinter

[Hipstamatic] Königswinter

In mid of April, we had a chance to visit my friend & family in Bonn. When I published in facebook about our trip to Bonn, my sister told me to visit a city called Königswinter. She said it’s a nice city. So my friends and I planned to go there on saturday.

It takes about 30 minutes if you drive with your private car or about 40 minutes if you take train from Bonn. 

It is a nice and beautiful city. Even the cloud covering the blue sky but the weather quite  nice to walk down in this small city. Walking in the Rhine riverside that divide the city feels really good. Lots of people sitting down in the river bank or at restaurant across the street. Ice cream was great on the weather like that :). You can take an hour cruise on Rhine river or even go to Bonn with boat.

After reaching Sealife (an aquarium), we’re going to the down town that’s only a block away. A typical harbor old houses look so nice. The store, restaurant and houses mingle together in this road. 

Finished with down town, we’re moving to go to Drachenfels (Dragon Rocks). Walking toward the direction brought us to Drachenfelsbahn (Drachenfels Railway). In here we are taking a train that take us to the ruined in the mountain. It takes about 10 minutes to get up there. The train goes every 15 minutes. There are one stop in the middle of the way up, at Schloss Drachenburg. We can go to the schloss and then continue the ride to the top with the next train. The ticket to go up and down cost you 9 €. You even can walk to the top. It takes about 45 minutes. Or you can combine walking and using train in the middle.

The view from the top of the ruined look beautiful. We can see places that surround the ruined. Since the spring is already here, we could see green trees and colorful flowers from here and also along the way. It’s so pretty… If you loved to be in the pictures, there’s a lot of spot that can  be used :).

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