[Hipstamatic] Berlin in February & March 2011

[Hipstamatic] Berlin in February & March 2011

I didn’t go out much this 2 months. Because I didn’t really like walk alone. I was still going to language course in February but not in March. 

I spent time more at home and try to work with my blog. It’s been a while since I really do something on it instead just upload pictures. I also spent a lot of time watching some TV series and movies. Just enjoying another life 🙂

I went to visit Wira in Bergen at mid February. We also went to visit a friend in Stavanger.

I also went to celebrate the Earth Hour 2011 in Brandenburger Tor. They turned off the light in the Brandenburger Tor but too bad other building around it didn’t participate in this ceremonial. So you can saw a dark Brandenburger Tor with some burning candle that said “ENERGIE-WENDE JETZT!” and you can also saw the Hotel Adlon & other building with all the light on.

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