[Hipstamatic] Bergen

[Hipstamatic] Bergen

This month I had a chance to visit Bergen in Norway. This time, I came to visit my husband, Wira. He’s having some course there. 

This city was located in south-western coast of Norway and the second largest city in Norway. 

Arrived in Bergen airport around 3 pm on one nice Saturday, we were going straight to Fantoft (area where Wira live). It takes more than an hour because we have to wait quite sometimes for the bus & tram. We took bus from airport to Fjøsanger and then change to city bus to central bus station and then took tram to Fantoft. For the aiport bus ticket you can buy one way or return and good for a month. And then spent the rest of the day at our room. Dark still come early now, around 4.30 pm.

On second day, we’re going to explore the town. The day quite nice, the sun came up and the dark cloud disappeared. It’s sunday and like most of part in Europe, the store are close. Only some souvenir shop and fast food that open. Oooo…there’s also some coffee shop that open, but not many.

Start with took tram from Fantoft to central bus station. From there, we’re walking to down town and then to Bryggen. On the way we’re passing town’s library, train station, fire department, shopping mall, & fish market.

This is a lovely city when the sun comes up and no rain. It rains a lot in Bergen, almost everyday. Lucky me it was nice that day. Old buildings in a good shape. They preserved the old buildings. Bergen shopping mall was made from 3 or 4 different old buildings and they keep the outside look the same but inside you will feel just like the same shopping mall. 

When reaching Brygeen, I was stunning to see those beautiful colour mix in the old wooden building. Lovely…pretty…and all those beautiful words can descripe it. Bryggen was one of World Heritage in UNESCO list. It’s nice walking around the Bryggen and enjoy the view. In summer, they have open air coffee shop and restaurant. It must be lovely to sit and enjoy the sun outside.

In here we bought some postcards for Kaysan and pins to add to my collection. You can also found knitting that typically Bergen in souvenir shops.

We continue walking to Håkons Hall. This is a part of the Norway monarchy’s building. Stone building standing tall and beautifully. We don’t go inside but from picture of my friend and Wira’s story, it look like Hogwars in Harry Potter :). As usual we took pictures in here and enjoy the view to the sea.

After walking around the Håkons Hall, we continue walked to Fløibanen. We were going to go up to Mount Fløyen. What you can found up in the mountain especially in cold day? You can found lots of snow and can skiing in there. Not downhill skiing, but cross country skiing. They also have restaurant and playground. Besides all of that, they have a viewing platform to sit down and enjoy the Bergen view from the top. You can see fjord, sea and the city. You can walk up or take the cable railway to reach the top of Mount Fløyen. It cost NOK 70 per person to get up there and down.

We stay until sunset in Mount Fløyen and taking some pictures. After that we’re going back to the bus station and take the tram to go home. Nice walking today. 

The next day, we’re going to Stavanger to visit a friend there. We will stay there for 3 days. After got back from Stavanger, I barely walk around the city again because it’s raining everyday and sometimes snow also came again. So we’re enjoying the internet speed that Bergen provide us :).

Living in Bergen is way expensive compared to Berlin. I love Berlin so much. Everything cost a lot. You can buy a good bread for € 1 in Berlin and you have to spent around € 3-4 to get the same thing in Bergen. Seafood is cheaper here than Berlin. You can get salmon and shrimp in good price. But don’t expect to get chicken or meat the same way. While stay in Bergen, most of Wira’s food is seafood cooked in different way.

The one I know, to take tram you have to spent NOK 25. This can be used in bus too for about 1,5 hour. When I visit there € 1 = NOK 7,5.

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