[Hipstamatic] Berlin in January 2011

[Hipstamatic] Berlin in January 2011

Because we lost our passport, so we get back to Berlin earlier. We had some more days to go sightseeing around Berlin before I have to go back to my language course and Wira to his course in Charité. 

This month we went to Altstadt Spandau and Schloss Sansouci in Potsdam. Besides that, we also walking around and try bus number 100 from Zoologische Garten to Alexanderplatz. It was nice ride, quite the same with the city tour bus. It can be an alternative if you want to go alone. We can also hop on hop off if want to see something. We visit Schloss CharlottenburgBerliner KunstmarktRote RathausRathaus Pankow and walking around the city as usual. 

In Berliner Kunstmarkt you can find any kind of things such as painting, old recording, photos, handmade stuffs and other. It was fun to be able see this place. If I’m going to stay in Berlin for some more to time, I’m thinking to buy a painting of a cow in field. It was beautiful painting. Love it… 

I love walking around in this city but not alone 🙂

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