[Hipstamatic] Berlin in December 2010

[Hipstamatic] Berlin in December 2010

This is all pictures I took in December 2010. The winter is coming. Love to see everything covered with snow. Even I found the beauty of winter. But still couldn’t stand the cold. My feet even get really hurt when we walking around in -15 degree C. We also had a couple of party with Wira’s friends to celebrate the end of core course. 

We visit a Weihnachtmarkt in Neukölln. We went there with some friends. And I meet again with Vika. She’s a girl from Moscow. We’ve been friend since 1993. It’s was nice to see an old face in Berlin 🙂 Actually this is the second time I met her. The first time I met her was in Jakarta around 2007 (I guess, kinda forget :p) 

This month we also had a trip to HamburgAmsterdamBelgium and Bonn. Don’t forget to read the story and see the pictures of our trip.

I took all the pictures in this album with my iPhone. I’m using Hipstamatic application. Some picture might not really clear and nice but there’s always something to enjoyed. That’s the way this application work. I was trying a few combination of lens and film.

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