[Hipstamatic] Berlin in November 2010

[Hipstamatic] Berlin in November 2010

This is all pictures I took in November 2010. No special occasion, sometimes we just walking around the city. The weather quite cold for me especially since I just came from tropical country. 

We visit a Weihnachtmarkt in Alexanderplatz. It was amazing how they create all the rides just in one night. They also sell lots of candies, foods and gluhwein. It seems everybody are there because there so many people at one time. Thinking about going with one of those rides? No way…I will freeze my butt ­čÖé Still amazed with all the people that try the ride.

I start taking my Deustchkurs this month. And at the end of the month our class had breakfast at Anna Blume (Prenzlauerberg) and then we went to the museum in Mitte. 

I took all the pictures in this album with my iPhone. I’m using Hipstamatic application. Some picture might not really clear and nice but there’s always something to enjoyed. That’s the way this application work. I was trying a few combination of lens and film.

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