This morning we all get ready to go to Surabaya. We leaved after having breakfast. Yeah…this hotel including breakfast. After asking about place to find some souvenirs from Malang, we decided to went to Jl. Semeru. But on the way, I think we kinda missed the road. After going around for a while finally we found the way. From Malang the souvenirs weren’t a clothes or pins but foods. I bought some kripik tempe (tempe chips). This is typically Malang. 

Enough with souvenirs we continued the trip to Surabaya. We reached Surabaya around 1 p.m. And decided to had lunch first before we going around. Depot Bu Rudy was our destination for lunch. It’s a restaurant that known for the really hot sambal (condiment contained chilly peppers). The foods were delicious with a big size iced tea on side. Before going we also bought some bottles of sambal. Nuy, Ketty and Rory really a maniac to this sambals :).

Not yet enough with food and sambal in Depot Bu Rudy, we went to Ice Cream Zangrandi to enjoyed the dessert, of course Ice Cream. This is an old place. Been there since a long time ago. The ice cream taste good. It taste like ice cream in Ragusa. 

After enjoying the ice cream we went to House of Sampoerna. Just like Bentoel Museum, Sampoerna also known for the cigarettes. If you came at the right time, you can see how the workers make cigarettes. When the time we’re there, we couldn’t see it because the workers already went home. This place is bigger that Bentoel Museum and well maintained. You can also find a lot of places to take pictures here. 
From there we went to Gang Dolly that know for place for prostitution in Surabaya. Not that we’re looking for one but we’re taking Rory home first. He will put his stuff at home and take us to the airport. Well…Rory can tell story about this place really good. He knows which one give good service, which one has beautiful girls. That’s because he’s living near this area and his mother working as a social worker to eliminated the prostitution.

From Rory’s home we went to LUB. It’s a place that has a lot of cafe and food stall. We had drinks in one of the cafe and chit chat for a while before we have to go to the airport. 

We leaved LUB around 6 p.m. and went to airport. My flight was delayed for quite sometimes… But finally I was home around midnight and still not feeling well. 

In this trip, I also took pictures with my hipstamatic. You can see it in here.

Pictures of me taken by Ketty or Rory.

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