We will go back to Surabaya and then met KettyRory and Alex there. After that we will went to Mount Bromo (also known as Bromo). Ketty already chartered a car for us to go to Bromo. To go back to Surabaya we used the Silver Travel again. This time we met Ketty and others in Nasi Pecel Khas Surabaya stall. Because Nuy & me hadn’t any breakfast, we decided to ate here first before went to Bromo. The nasi pecel only cost you Rp. 5000 and taste good.

The car that we chartered cost Rp. 250.000 and we pay Rp. 100.000 for the driver. The trip to Bromo took about 4 hour. We chat along the way. We stayed at Cafe Lava Hotel in Bromo. The room rate Rp. 360.000. This hotel took placed just before entrance gate to Bromo. We arrived in Bromo around 4 p.m. After put our bag in hotel, we went to find something to eat and something warm. Because it’s quite cold in Bromo and raining. Hopefully the weather’s good tomorrow morning because we would like to see sunrise. 

At that moment, Mount Bromo was produced more smoke than usually. People said that Mount Merapi eruption also effect to other volcano around it, including Mount Bromo. 

To climb Mount Bromo we can rent a car (Toyota Hardtop 4WD) or motorcycle or by foot. Well…to climb it we just need to climb the stairs that already prepared. The car and motorcycle only be able to reach the foothill. We rent a car for Rp. 350.000. According to my sister, the car rental managed really good. If you had car trouble along the way, then they will send you a new car and a tow car for the troubled one. 07.11.2010

We planned to see sunrise in mount Bromo. Well…it’s not really in mount Bromo but in mount Pananjakan. Mount Bromo will be in our view in front of the sunrise. We leaved our hotel at 4 a.m. You can see lots of Hardtop make a line. There were plenty of people planned to see sunrise. The weather is quite nice although there’s plenty of cloud scattered in the sky. But at least it’s not dark cloud and it wasn’t raining. The temperature was quite cold for you who lived in tropical country. The trip to mount Pananjakan took about 30 minutes because the road is steep and lots of car. 

After we arrived around the top, we had to climb up a little bit to take a good spot to see the sunrise. I took lots of pictures here. Even though the sky not really clear and mount Bromo produced thick smoke, but the view still breathtaking. Subhanallah… it’s so beautiful. Even my camera couldn’t show the beauty of it.

We stay in mount Pananjakan until 6.30 a.m. Then we went to place called Pasir Berbisik (whispering sand). Actually this is a caldera of a volcano that erupted long time ago. If the wind blows the sand, it make whispering sound. Unfortunately because last night was raining so the sand was wet. But the beauty still there. This place sometimes used for movies scenery.

We continue to Bukit Teletubbies (Teletubbies Hill). It names like that because it looks like teletubbies hill in the teletubbies show. We also took plenty of pictures here. It’s time for group pictures. Taking pictures in every pose that possible in here. From there we go back to mount Bromo. In here, Alex, Ketty & Rory went up to the top, but Nuy & me stayed at foothill. I took pictures of Pura Luhur Poten. Pura Luhur Poten is a temple that lies at mount Bromo foothill. Even though mount Bromo had been erupted for few times, but this temple still stand there beautifully. According to the story, this temple still clean when mount Bromo erupted. It seems like a mystic power that keep the temple save. 

After satisfied with all the journey, we went back to hotel and had breakfast there. After that we get ready to check out and went to Malang. It took about 2 hour to reach Malang from Bromo.

The rain welcomed us in Malang. We decided to had lunch at Toko Oen and then went to hotel. We stayed in Hotel Helios again. Actually we planned to go to Batu, but the rain just still constantly drop and make us not really want to leave our room. After had enough rest, we decided to find something for dinner. We decided to go to Java Dancer Cafe. Nuy and me saw this cafe on the first day we in Malang. The cafe is across the Hotel Tugu. It’s a nice place with nice atmosphere. The drinks and foods also taste good. I start to feel sick today. Probably because the virus (the other passenger in the car on my first day to Malang just sneezing few times in front of the AC) and also not have enough rest. 

We went back to hotel and I just went straight to bed. Need good rest to made my body better. Tomorrow we will be had another long trip again because we’re going to take a tour in Surabaya with Rory as our guide.

to be continued…


In this trip, I also took pictures with my hipstamatic. You can see it in here.
Pictures of me taken by Ketty or Rory.

Nasi Pecel Khas Surabaya: Jl. Mayjen Sungkono

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