[Hipstamatic] Bali

[Hipstamatic] Bali

This is my second time went to Bali. As I mention before in my posting about Bali, that I had a trauma in Kuta. This time, June 2010, I had a chance to go to Bali with other returnees Nacel Open Door. There’s around 19 people got the chance but some of them hadn’t been able to go. So there’s only 10 of us ++ (Melissa, Vita, Tisi, Yani, Finny, Bona, Doddy, Gema, Lucky and me). Why I put ++, because Wira (my husband) are going with us too.

Melissa, Tisi, Vita, Yani, Doddy, Gema, Finny and me went on Friday morning. Really early in the morning. Our flight will scheduled at 6.35 am with Air Asia and it’s quite on time. We arrived in Bali around 9.30 am and already picked up by rental car that had been arranged before. 

We start our morning in Bali by having breakfast at Warung Made. Don’t asked me how to get there, because that’s the reason we rent a car with the local driver :). In Warung Made, we’re having quite big breakfast. I ordered tuna sandwich and fries and ice lemon tea. It taste delicious and cost me Rp. 47.000. It took us about one and half hour to finished our meal. And then we continue to Turtle Island. 

To reach Turtle Island we have to go to Tanjung Benoa and go with boat (glass bottom boat) about 15 minutes. We go with Kanaka Ocean and it cost around Rp. 100.000/person. This place actually a breeding place. It call Moon Cot Sari Turtle Farm. In here we can see green turtle and olive ridley turtle (lekang turtle). Besides turtle, you can see iguana, snake, eagle, hornbill, and bat. You can also give a donation to this place. They also had food stall that sell food and drink, and souvenirs shop.

After got back from sea turtle, we continue our journey to Pura Tanah Lot. It’s a famous place that have a temple on the top of a reef. In here we took a lot of pictures. Everybody used their camera to get a good angle from the temple. We also wait until sunset time. To bad there’s to many clouds so we couldn’t see a beautiful sunset. While waiting the sunset I think we drink a lot of Teh Botol :).

After seen the sunset, we went to Nathan Hotel in Kuta area to check in. After freshen up, we went to eat Nasi Pedas. It is really spicy food. 

Last out for me was to Nasi Pedas, because I get really tired and fall a sleep after that. Wira came to Bali with night flight.

On second day, we got up fresh enough. Taking a shower and then having a breakfast with rest of the team. Bona also came last night. But Lucky couldn’t make it last night because he had job interview.

Our trip on second day start with Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). In here all of us being narcissist and took plenty frame of pictures. Wira are design to be our photographer 🙂 Love you :-* After that we’re having lunch in Jendela Bali. It still the the GWK area. 

Then our journey continue to Dreamland. In here we are just being lazy in the beach. Some of us try to take some pictures. But it’s too hot, so we love being under the umbrella’s shadows :).

Enough being lazy in Dreamland beach, we moved to Pura Luhur Uluwatu. In here we will be visiting temple accompanied by lots of monkey. Monkey in this area like to collect shiny things from the visitor. So if you come to this place, you better had everything inside your bag. We also watched Kecak Dance in here. The dance start around 6 pm. We can find our seat around 5 pm. The traditional dance with sunset in Uluwatu as a background look pretty lovely. 

For dinner, we went to Jimbaran. We will eat seafood in Menega Cafe. Wow…it’s a big portion. It taste good too. We back to hotel with full stomach :). Finally Lucky make it to came at night.

On our third day and also our last day in Bali, we’re having free time until around 11 o’clock. Wira and me spend our breakfast time in Coffee Beans & Tea Leafs. And do a little bit shop in Kuta Square and then walking in Kuta Beach. At this time, not sure what I was feeling. But I finally made it to touch the water and feels nothing. I was walking along the beach with Wira and taking pictures. I always love beach but in here I didn’t know how I feel. After that we’re going back to hotel to check out.

After check out, we are going to Pura Gunung Kawi. On the way, we are stop to have lunch in Made Joni Restaurant & Gallery in Teges Kanginan. This restaurant had a nice view and nice food. The food prices around Rp. 50.000 and up. 

Finally we’re arrived at Pura Gunung Kawi. To go to the temple you will found around 300 steps. But that’s all really worth it because the view are stunning. We also took plenty of pictures in here. This temple surrounded by green scenery. We’re spending about 2 hour to get down, look around and then go up again. My breaths getting short each time I climb the steps. Need to do more exercise :).

From the temple we continue our journey to Ayana Resort and Spa. In here we will watched sunset from The Rock Bar. At that time, the Rock Bar was quite full and we have to waited to be seated. While waiting we took a lot of pictures. By the way, we have to go down steps again, but this time not as many as the temple had. And once again the clouds covered the sky, so the sunset not that clear.

We climb up again to get back to lobby and continue our journey to the airport. It’s already 10 pm when we reach Jakarta. It was nice weekend to spend with friends. But still Bali didn’t give me feeling to go back again and again :).

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