FunBirdwatching at Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke

FunBirdwatching at Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke


Bubut Jawa, the mascot

Dec 31st, 2009, our friends from Jakarta Green Monster (JGM) invited us to an occasion called Fun Birdwatching. This is a part of Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) where friends from JGM doing the census for the bird migration.

At this place we can see a lot of bird. Most of them are in big size so we can see it clearly with our eyes. They also lend us a binocular that can be used to watch the birds. Besides birds, you can also see monkeys, snakes and other things. 

This is my second trip to this place and this time I brought full equipment to take a pictures. I used Canon EOS 50, 75-300 mm lens and some expired celluloid films to take the pictures. To take the bird’s pictures it will be nice to used lens with focus length more than 300. Because you need to catch the bird from far away. I used the expired celluloid films because I had some old unused celluloid film and didn’t have to buy the new one. Sometimes when using expired celluloid film, the colours turn out dramatically.

Well, then I hope you can enjoy the pictures…

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