What a Coincidence…

What a Coincidence…

Yesterday I heard a news that my friend’s father just passed away after being hospitalized for about a month. So my friends and I went to his home. It may be 10 of us, sitting on the road in front of the house and having a little chat. It was November 25th 2008.

I got home and continue to chat with him on internet until passed midnight and I just realized that at the same date 6 years ago my own father has passed away. 

What a coincidence… and I just realized it a moment ago.

Suddenly I missed him so much… wish he could see me now with all my achievement. I wished I could tell him that I love him so much. I wished I could hug him now. I wished I could thanked him for all the effort that he done to make me like this now.

Dear God, put him besides you in your heaven. Please forgive all the mistakes he made. 
I wish you are happy now in heaven…

I love U, Papa… <3 <3 <3

November 25th 2002 – November 25th 2008

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