My Mother Traveling To Europe

My Mother Traveling To Europe

Few weeks ago, my mother decided to go with her brother and sister in law to Europe. My auntie had an occasion in Cardiff, UK and then the group will visited her niece in Vienna. Besides that they also planned to go to another country.

She started to set everything, from made a new passport, buying a new shoes, etc. This is will be the second time she went abroad. And the first time was at 1983 when my mother, father, grandpa and grandma visited my father’s twin brother to Japan. In that year they also visited Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore. 

Me and my sisters start to prepared her. It feels like when I try to prepared all my juniors in exchange student program to get ready to go abroad. We told her what to do to make a passport. I even filled out the form 🙂 We also prepared her to be able walk for along time. We told her to walk every morning so when she go she’ll ready. We told her what to bring and what to wear during the trip. 

A few funny stories happened during the preparation, but everything turn out just fine.

Today is the day. We took her to the airport. Waited for my uncle in gate. It’s me, my husband, my sister, and Kaysan who took her to the airport. I felt like I’m taking all my juniors to airport and let them go. Kinda worry for her trip but had to let her go. Maybe this is what parents felt  when they had to let us go abroad by ourself during our exchange year. I don’t know…but I really hope she had a good trip.

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