Walking through the future branches
I know not about the sharp excrescence on its plants
Not knowing about the various thorny shrubs 
Makes me wonder how painful the thorny future buzz
But lying ahead is a shining morning on a thorny curb
Legs on the spiny protuberances blemishes
Just to get to the shining morning of my future premises
Where thorn of mercy, happiness, and joy lays
Thorny future filled with opportunity and grace
But the thorn on the future path
causes sharp pain, irritation, discomfort bath
Causing irritation, annoyance, and burns
Letting out its anger, hatred and love
On the future path filled with thorns
Who knows if the shining morning ahead
have his own beaming thorns? 
May be even sharper than the ones on its path and curb. 

Olufunmbi Aransiola 

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