Indonesian Independence Day

Indonesian Independence Day

Every August 17th Indonesia people celebrate the Independence Day. A lot of things we do to celebrate it. Some people held a big party and playing a lot of games. That’s also happened in our residency Jatinegara Baru.

We have quite big party and it takes more than 1 day to do the celebration. Yesterday, they have the last two event: Parade Sepeda Hias (bicycle parade) and Panjat Pinang (palm tree climbing). Panjat Pinang was held out for the first time in this residency.

Kaysan as always he did in last two years, decided to compete for the Parade Sepeda Hias. We had decided to make the bicycle’s decoration from things we have in our garage. The theme is reuse and recycle. With Ayah, Ibu and Tante Tia as the creative team, Kaysan’s bicycle turn out to be Balon Udara (hot air ballon) and he ready to compete. And the result he got the most unique bicycle’s decoration.

Panjat pinang was another fun, with greasy and oily palm tree trunks and interesting gifts they tried to reach. There’s a team of 5 people who try to get to the top of the tree and get the gifts. This is a teamwork’s game. 

Click “read more” to see some pictures I had that you might enjoy.

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