It has been a few days being unemployed. Not really unemployed because there’s a lot of things to do about Nacel Open Door. But since last Monday, I’m officially unemployed. Why? Because I don’t have any job, because I haven’t got my diploma, because the graduation day held on August 30th, 2008. So….I’m jobless…except I had to make a poster for NOD.

But that doesn’t make me sad at all. I really enjoy the spare time I have. I read all novel I had to kill the time (because I don’t have any budget to buy new books). But I enjoy it. Eventhough my husband don’t really like it because when I read a book, it seems like I make a wall around me and be in my own world 🙂 But…ever since he got a lot of night shift in the hospital and feel really tired in the morning, so the habit isn’t bugging him at all :p

Besides that I also spend a lot of time cooking food. Sometimes I still smell the food all over my body :p I even spent a lot of time in front of my lovely apple, making things, writing blogs, playing facebook, editing picture etc.

I love being unemployed. Maybe for a while….

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