National Board Examination

National Board Examination

Finally, my national board examination was over. Mine was held on July 1st, 2008. What a stressful day. I felt like going to fainted in front of the examiner. Just an old habit. Having myself going to bathroom few times in the morning because my stomach just won’t cooperate with me. Having butterfly in stomach and my hands freezing. 

From all kind of examination, I don’t like interview kind of examination or oral test. Having problem to compose the words. Like to answer things in points. It seems easier to write down a blog rather than to answer the questions. 

On the examination, I am having difficulty to caught my breaths. It seems like thin air around me. But after a while, I finally get myself quite comfortable and start to answer the questions. The examination over in 2.5 hours. What a long time for people who waiting outside the room but it seems such a short time inside the room.

But THANKS TO GOD that make everything just fine. Alhamdulillah, I passed the test. Thanks GOD, for giving me such a nice examiner. GOD knows what best for me. Eventhough I keep asking GOD to cancel the test, but he gave me the best outcome for my life. GOD also gave me strength to face the examination, because it crossed in my mind to step back from this examination.

Thanks to all, for all the prayers. Hope I can be a good anesthesiologist.

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