Still on Final Examination

Still on Final Examination

Almost a month since my last intermezzo writing. And at this moment, I still waiting for examination that coming up. This examination is a national board examination. So some Professor from some university came for this examination. This exam just mention 2-3 weeks ago in the middle of our local examination. My head seems to explode because of never stop reading books and writing.

I don’t know how to handle this test. I feel like dropped this test. All I ask to God is to cancel this test. Feel want to threw up everyday with butterfly in my stomach everyday. Everyday always a new bad days about this examination. And it nailed me deeper to the ground. It feels like only my head still above the ground level. 

God, give strength to handle this. Hope I can make it just fine or if think I can’t handle the test, just cancel the test. I believe you always give me the best of all.

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