It’s been a while since my last writing. Last time I wrote about being so easily got distracted from my study for the final examination. The next day, I was told by the program secretary that my examination will be held on the other week. What a shocking news. I only had 1 week to prepare my presentation. On the day after that, the schedule was out. It written that I had my examination for thesis on May 22nd (which is yesterday) and other examination on May 30th (just a day before my birthday). I quite shock to hear the news, ever since I haven’t read much lately. I try to overcome it, but everything seems not fair at that moment. I also lost my appetite (hopefully can make me thinner :p) But after few days, everything turn out OK. I think, if I had my examination now, then I can be relax and working on my thesis correction without thinking about examination on June.

So here I’m now. Had my exam yesterday. Having butterfly in my stomach before the exam. But it seems God always be with me, because my examination wasn’t like I thought. Although I wasn’t satisfied with the exam, but it turn out OK. Thanks God, for answering my prays.

One down, Seven to go….
So…go back to the book now….
Wish me luck, so I can passed the exam just fine
And thank to all for the support you gave to me.

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