Since we were dating, I heard a story about my husband such a good guitar player. He played the guitar since a little boy. Even his guitar still the same guitar that he got in primary school. But unfortunately, I haven’t heard my husband playing his guitar. Everytime I mention about his guitar, he just showed me a smile.

Few months ago, he found out there is one part of his guitar has broken. He planned to fix it. But it never happened until few weeks ago, he found out not only one part was broken but there’s a lot more. So finally he brought his guitar to the guitar garage (am I using the right word?) to be fixed.

Two days ago, finally the guitar was fixed. It looks like new one. There’s not so many places can fixed the guitar, sometimes they even suggest to buy the new one. But this guy, such a good person. He can even make guitar by his own, that a lot of top guitar player came to him asked him to make a guitar for them.

And finally, I heard my husband playing guitar. And we sing a song together with our “limited” voices (a.k.a. cempreng :))

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