Have you pray to God and asking for something and wish it will come true?
How often you prayed to God asking for something and you think He didn’t answer your pray?
How often you realized that what happened to your life isn’t just the way you ask?
How often people say you have to pray so God will granted your wish?
How sad you feel, when you didn’t get what you asked for?

Well, sometimes what we ask weren’t what we got. But that doesn’t mean that God didn’t listen to our pray.  Sometimes we didn’t realized that our prays answered. Maybe it just to be appears in different way. But we have to believe that God will give you the best for our life.

In my life, I pray to God that I want go to school in good high school, but I didn’t passed, so I just go to ordinary private school. Then I pray after I got back from exchange year I could continue to my senior year in high school, but unfortunately I couldn’t. And what make me feel that God didn’t answer my pray, when in the next year, my friends who got back from their exchange program just go right through their senior year. But then I realized, that God loves me so much. He makes me go through my junior year again so I can have a lot more friends. He makes me go through my junior year again so I can be one of those good student and prepared to passed the university examination better. He makes me go through the junior year so I can keep up my grade good and I can continue my college years without taking the college entrance examination. That’s just the way He answered my pray to became a doctor. And now, here I am, a doctor.

God didn’t give me all I want, but as the result He gave what best for me. So it doesn’t means that your prays not answered, but He answered in different ways. There’s still a lot of my prayers answered by God.

So…don’t stop praying because God will listen and give you the best.

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