When I was a little girl used to dream became a doctor. And now I am. 
I dream to became a ballerina. And now I’m not. 
I dream to became a pianist. And now I’m not but I can play piano a little bit.
I dream to learn how to play guitar, trumpet, trombone, flute, and other instruments. And now I still dream about that.
I dream to go around the world. And now I’d go to some part of the world.
I dream about having an older brother. And now I have an older brother. Even though only host brother.
I dream having a good family, good job, good children. And now I still try hard to make my dream come true.

Why we have to have dreams? 
Because it keep us alive. 
Dreams will make your life had a purpose.
Not all dreams will come true, but we have to try harder to make it come true. 
When the dreams not coming true, it doesn’t means your live is ending.

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