Come and Go

Come and Go

Yesterday, I got 2 news that seems to be contradiction. 

First I got news from my best-friend that her father passed away in the morning. Her father got really sick in this few weeks. His condition up and down, sometimes good and some other time was bad. When I visited him last saturday, his conditions really bad. But I think this is kinda a good news for him and the family, because I cannot imagine how his life gonna if he still alive right now. It will make him more depress. So I wish he will be happy stay near to our God. May he rest in peace.

I got the second news when I was in the cemetery. The news is my other best-friend having a baby. The baby born after the C-section. A cute baby girl named Farha Sabita Asyhari come to the world. Bring the joy to the world. The joy for her parents, grandparents, uncle and aunty, and anybody.

There’s always people come and go around us. But I always think it is what best for all of us.

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