Learn How to Cook

Learn How to Cook

Before I got married, I warn my husband wanna be, that I’m not a person who like to cook food. Although I can cook some food such as simple vegetable, lot of kind eggs, rice, instant noodle, and of course boiling water. Sometimes I hate when the food I cook didn’t turn out as I expected. 

There are some foods I good at, such us Fruit Salad, Nachos and Caramel Pudding. So people count on me to make those things.

But since December 2007, I start to like cooking foods. This begin when I start to feel under big stress when making my last paper, Thesis. When I make research proposal, waiting for research proposal examination and took the sample for my research. Cooking food become my way to release the stress. 

First food I make was Cheese Cake. It came in my mind when I want to eat Cheese Cake real bad but we don’t have money to buy a piece of expensive Cheese Cake. So, after my night shift in the hospital, I went to grocery store to buy stuffs that I will be need to make a cheese cake. When I got home and with recipe that I got from internet, I start to make my own cheese cake. First time making cheese cake start with failed to make the cream cheese melting. Wrong theory I guest. So I make an emergency call to my aunt who good in cooking food. She let me know the way to make cream cheese melting. A different way from the one I try. The next steps turn out good. When the cake done, it feel weird because it doesn’t sticky anymore but looks like not done enough. But the taste is good. Even Kaysan, my nephew, like so much. So first time cooking and succeed 🙂

Second time, I make another cheese cake for Kaysan’s Birthday cake. It didn’t turn out as good as the first one but the taste about the same. I make some icing and strawberry in that cake. Not so bad for beginner. 

After that I start learn how to cook. So far I had made American Rissoles, Caesar Salad, Pizza, Dough Balls, Casseroles, Zuppa Soup, Spaghetti, Fettucine and a lot other things. I enjoy to cook an easy recipe.

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