East Indiaman Götheborg

East Indiaman Götheborg


Kaysan & me in front of the Götheborg
This pictures was taken when the ship called East Indiaman Götheborg came to Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta. My friend, Intan, asked me to go to saw the ship. So…here we are Intan, Yani, Kaysan dan Me got on the board.

The East Indiaman Götheborg (Swedish: Ostindiefararen Götheborg) is a large wooden sailing ship, a replica of the East Indiaman Götheborg (an archaic spelling of Göteborg: Gothenburg). The original sank off Gothenburg, Sweden, on 12 September 1745 while approaching its home harbour after returning from her third voyage to the Far East. All sailors survived, but the ship was lost.

This replica start to sail on October 2005 with the route Götheborg Sweden, Cadiz Spain, Recive Bolivia, Cape Town and Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa, Fremantle Australia, Jakarta Indonesia, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hongkong in China before went back to Sweden through Suez Canal. 

The route to China followed approximately the 18th century original route, with the added detour to Australia (although in the 18th century, they usually avoided ports to avoid pirates). The journey home took the shortcut through the Suez Canal while they during the 18th century had to go back around South Africa.

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